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About the Course

Who this course is for:

Students starting to study idiomatic uses of the instruments of the orchestra.

Aims of this course:

This course provides students with an opportunity to acquire various writing techniques in orchestral setting. Study of the timbres, ranges, transposition, technical characteristics, various articulations, and idiomatic uses of the instruments of the orchestra. Orchestral families of sound are examined in their individual tone colours and in their contribution to orchestral sound.

This course includes:

  • Zoom lessons with prepared teaching materials

  • Feedback on student homework in the class

Study mode:

One-on-one individual lesson

#008 ORCHESTRATION (1-on-1)

Zoom lesson subject to mutual agreement

1) Pay every 4 lessons: £120




I. Study of Instrumentation

Overview of Western orchestration

Bowed string instruments

Individual bowed string instruments

Scoring for strings

The woodwind choir

Individual woodwinds

Scoring for woodwinds and woodwind-string combinations

Brass instruments

Individual brass instruments

Scoring for brass, and brass combined with strings and winds

The percussion ensemble

II. Study of Orchestration

Scoring for orchestra

The orchestral transcription

The orchestra as accompanist

Piano reduction

The preparation of score and parts (Sibelius)

Course materials:

  • The Study of Orchestration, 3rd Edition, Adler, Samuel. W. W. Norton and Company.

This is a comprehensive textbook which goes into depth for each topic of the course, providing further examples and explanations.

(You will be provided the study notes in digital format in the course)

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