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➤ The short film "The Law In This World" (世間法), music written by Anthony Cheng, was received the first prize of Open Class at《美麗香港人‧情‧事》短片拍攝計劃 on 2nd September, 2022.
➤ The movie "Love After Love" (第一爐香), music written by Ryuichi Sakamoto (坂本龍一), was received the Best Original Film Score at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards on 17th July, 2022.
➤ The Musical "St. Joseph Freinademez" (2018) was received Award for Evangelization, Capax Dei Foundation of Mirabile Dictu International Catholic Film Festival in Vatican City, Rome, Italy on 28th November, 2019.


➤ A new arrangement of an orchestral suite "The Legend of Purple Hairpin" (紫釵記組曲) was world premiered by Six Arts Orchestra to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Hong Kong Federation of Women on 13th September, 2023.
➤ The piano quartet "Dark Side of the City: Trapped" (2018) was selected to present in an international music conference: 67th International Rostrum of Composers in Belgrade, Serbia on 12th to15th October, 2021.
Rostrum 2020.jpg
➤ The multimedia work "Hybridity I", written for flute & tape with videocommissioned by Hong Kong Composers' Guild, was premiered at Ryogoku Monten Hall (両国門天ホール), Tokyo by the Japanese well-known flutist Dr. Reiko Manabe (間部令子) on 5th November, 2020.
Reiko Manabe.png
➤ The dance film "The Cube Phantom" (2019) was selected to present in International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 22nd January to 2nd February, 2020.
anthony_IFFR 2021.jpg


➤ Working on a new Orchestral Suite "The British Museum" (大英博物館). The work will be performed and recorded by Czech National Symphony Orchestra (CNSO) in April of 2024.
➤ Worked on a new arrangement of an orchestral suite "The Legend of Purple Hairpin" (紫釵記組曲). The work is commissioned by Hong Kong Federation of Women and world premiered by Six Arts Orchestra to celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2023.
➤ Worked on a new contemporary work "Rebirth" which is the second episode of the series "Carnet de crocus de Hong Kong(淡繪香港). This series of work is one of my long-term collaboration with the Hong Kong renowned architect Ng-Wing Shun Vincent who provides his colour painting works continuously. Rebirth is commissioned by Radio Television Hong Kong in 2022.
➤ Worked on sound recording and music production of the movie "Love After Love" (第一爐香) with the international renowned film director Ann Hui (許鞍華). The original film music was scored by the well-known Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (坂本龍一/さかもとりゅういち).
International renowned film director Ann Hui's movie trailer "Love After Love" (第一爐香)
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